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Overworked & Stressed


Happy & Blessed!



Take Time Out......

Ready to take time for you?
Here’s your last chance!

  When you choose our VIP option of £33.99 per month or £90 quarterly, you will have access to everything above and will also receive:


Every quarter you will receive a seasonal-themed retreat box that will have everything you need to complement our theme for the quarter. (containing over £100 of goodies)

30% off our in-person retreats (worth over £200)

1-1 Coaching with myself (£250).

Access to my signature courses (£500)

A bespoke gift for joining the membership

A private Facebook community where you can continue your journey with like-minded people and the knowledge that you have invested in a healthier, happier you..



Free shipping.


Just £33.99 per month (must sign up for at least 3 months) 

Frequently Asked Questions:

We will be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your subscription at any time. Just log in to your account and follow the instruction to cancel. If you have taken advantage of the bonus offer and cancel before the second month you will not receive the box.

Take Back Control


  • What if you could Take Time Out to focus on YOU?
  • What if you could Take Time Out to focus on your health?
  • What if you could Take Time Out to focus on your relationships?
  • What if you could Take Time Out to focus on your spirituality?
  • What if you could Take Time Out to focus on self-development?
  • What if you could Take Time Out to focus on your passion and purpose?
  • What if you could Take Time Out to spend time with a like-minded woman?
  • Would you start to consider investing in yourself?
  • What if you could find something that suited your needs, your budget, and your time availability?
  • What if you could take time out to work on yourself that would leave you feeling energised, rejuvenated, grounded, and in touch with yourself?



Would you consider that to be time and money well spent?


Take Time Out is the perfect way for you to experience precisely this.

What do you get with Take Time Out?

Join the Take Time Out Membership Today

Who is Take Time Out for?

It is for every woman that has ever put the needs of others above her own.

It is for every woman who feels they can’t simply drop everything and take time out.

It is for every woman who strives to do their very best every day but is feeling exhausted from the pressure.


Can you give it yourself?


Gain the tools to unwind the stress,  build healthy habits, and focus on yourself as an individual rather than as mum/friend/daughter/boss/employee/taxi driver/cleaner/cook, the list goes on.


Learn to be YOU. again


 Get all the benefits above for just £23.99 per month 


VIP Memebership

Come and join the best-kept secret when it comes to learning how to Take Time Out

To work on YOU, mastering your habits, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Your relationships, health, mindset, passion, purpose, and so much more.....


Take Time Out to be YOU again...


I am a huge believer in nature being one of our biggest teachers in bringing balance back into our life. This is why our membership runs alongside the season's Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn being guided by her natural cycles. Each month, we focus on supporting you to take time out in different areas of your life and master your habits around these.


By taking the leap of faith and stepping inside the membership you will get all the training and tools to help you finally Take Time Out and be surrounded by the most SUPPORTIVE team of like-minded women.  They will support you every step of the way, celebrate your wins, and help you build those habits for success and happiness. 


Creating the right environment is key to ensuring your success and happiness!!! We have it all covered inside the membership.


What you'll get: 

Programmes each month from myself themed around learning to Take Time Out
Coaching session with myself and my guest expert
One Masterclass each month from a guest expert  
Weekly check-ins
Private Facebook group 
Monthly catch-up with the coach
Monthly habit setting 
A book recommendation each month
Seasonal-themed Retreat twice a year
Access to past training and workbooks
Discounts and bonuses

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Dealing with perpetual burnout?

Spinning too many plates at once trying to run your business, your life and everyone
around you is real. It's utterly exhausting, isn't it? You feel if you just keep on going,
everything will work out … if you stop, everything stops - but deep down, you're spiralling
towards that huge crash and burn.

Feels familiar?


Finding balance in life. It sounds so easy, right?


 Self-care is the foundation of all we do in life - and business. It's about
putting YOU at the centre of your business, of everything – not the other way around. But how on
earth do we achieve that when we're in a daily cycle of getting up, getting through the day, going to
bed and trying to sleep? How do we break that cycle?

Starting with focusing on creating small and simple changes to your daily habits, so you can feel the
difference every day, one step at a time and with the right support, you
absolutely can find that balance.


It all start with YOU and taking time out.....

Do I need this membership?

I don't have a magic wand … but with my dedicated s support, and the support of the group - and
essentially your commitment to the cause - you'll feel a total transformation.
Just imagine waking up feeling fresh and full of enthusiasm for the day, full of ideas and excitement
for the weeks and months ahead. Getting through your daily schedule without the old feeling of
dread and exhaustion. A happy life is about living in the present and taking care of your needs at



Hey  Sam here - the world’s first and only Habits of Happiness Coach™.


Habits of Happiness coaching isn’t just part of what I do. I live and breathe it all day every day. I am absolutely passionate about helping people like you increase their happiness and success in their life and business and go from being overworked and stressed to happy and blessed


Until a few years ago, I spent more time and energy on everyone except myself. I forgot to take care of myself every single day. Ignoring the early signs of burnout until it was too late, I'd gotten into some very unhealthy habits of overworking, working longer hours, not eating properly, not being able to sleep or waking up with a head full of stuff. I got used to feeling completely drained of energy, overwhelmed, really unwell and totally stressed out.

This is what's brought me to where I am now. Seven years of delving DEEP into how I could create the balance I craved so badly has been a roller coaster! And I've reached a point where I know I have a level of calm within, by creating easily achievable habits, that are now a natural part of my daily routine. Life is so much easier and straightforward.


And you can achieve the same.

This membership was designed to help put YOU at the centre of everything, not the other way around and finally, Take Time Out for YOU

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